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lu lu ayooooo boyas I howa had died ofver some macnugggets? Favorite track: Seductive Egg.
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alyx canellas this ep is a real special piece of art. i'm 74 years old. and i want to kill my wife. this song collection of music make me. kill me my wife. i hire a hitman. this sablbum help w 222 Favorite track: sumthang.
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What started as a rumor over time my friends did turn into a reality. Yes boys and goats the long awaited 1.6 is finally ready for your ears to cum. Which started as the sequel to the world famous Draw Him Wales the idea of Draw Him Wales 2 seemed as something of a challenge. It went through a few different titles from 2, 1.5 and finally just plain old 1.6. I never thought this was going to come out myself and then the beats came along and the raps turned out amazing. If you don't like it then I agree with you and if you give me money then you get to be my poo.


released June 18, 2014

shaunmindofnothing - I took this big ass shit and this album popped out so imma just take all the credit for it.
Joseph Peterson - Sum sexi beats on Leftovas and Great Sung
Dimitri Souverain - Hold On motha fucka
Chloe Nousias - Songs about cats, eggs and screams.
Lawrence Monge - Leftover lyrics.



all rights reserved


shaunmindofnothing New York, New York

once apote a tie i met a man named jeffery. he used to think he could play soccer but i qas like hahahaha you a black dominican. when i gt comhome i realixed what i said was wrong. so i tokk a showed to maked me feel ok. when i was washed off of the filet i qent to make d some speagtityy. i was a week old so it tasted mainly like samon. so the nect day whe i saw jeffery i gave him a loilly pop. ... more

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Track Name: Old Ladies DGAF
I remember walkin back in the snow
On my way to see all the ashworth hoes
But then I saw this old lady crossin the street
It may have been a bleezed but she didn't miss a beat
There were alot of double parked cars and a bunch of mexicans
But you can tell this ladie was a fan of deportation
She had atleast 12 bags filled up with grocerys
And she walked much faster then most old peple take to pee
She wouldn'y let no punkass bitches get in her way
And if anyone was to stop ger their would be hell to pay
She would probably brak out and so some kung fu moves
Then sit on her couch and smoke a big ass doobe
I would never forget this old ladu that I sawe
She would the title on smackdown vs Raw
Anbd now you see why not to mess with old ladies
And noe sing the chores with me
Track Name: woofles
Love for mu igga Biggy
Chillin with the holly poppas
Anoter day of life and death
Were on topno one ca stop us
Driving around all night and day
Eatin lots of chiecken fires
Livin in a time like this
We don't really care who dies

Makin all the monry itches
Livin under god we trust
Enjotinh lots of sex andinbrf
Thimk im bught to finallt bust
Finally realized
I crashed jy car
Hd hyr bodies in the trink
Dint eveyball me lifflr kid
Unlss you enna get rsked punk

Wakin up makin breakfast
Yime to taskr the garbage put
How an i gonna do this
Is what time always screaminn out
What am U gonna make today
Wogles sound so fuckin god
Its really haerd to tpes
With all this morning wood

Hidin gotm yhe IRS
You know is my olnly jib
Time to buy suomecarrots
For my little Ca;vom amd Hobbes
No I never hear the phone
Its rigs every night amd day
You know if I answer
I woud nwhat this guy would say

Leave it be
Kepp it to youtself
Leave ut be
Keep it on th shelf

Kep iy swingin
Theres no time for livin

Built much better hrn a lego set
Track Name: My Sung
This is just a song about pianos
Ir was made for ebeyrone to sing along
But everyone should nknow this songs a piece of ...

I would just like to ssk
Does anyone haebe directions to the store
Vus I need to buy sime milk
how am I gonna have my cereal it its bone dry
But they habe so many types to pick
Hlf and Half, Whole Milk & duckin @%
When I fcjnally pick I need to pay
Dola Dp;;a Bills Yall
The chaser ask cradit of debit caed
Naa bitch /gota dolla nills yall
Then she said take it easy man
Who the fuck you think your talkin yo
I'm gonna habe to call secerity
I just wany some ceral girl
Well you dom't habe to call me names
Girl you know UI say bitch, nigga , fuckall the time
See you didnt iy all agagim
Are you knna let me have my smilk so ivan eat my cereal o not
No i;m gonna hav yo reat me rght
If you Dn't im'm gon ahae to call you a slut
Track Name: changes
Fickin iy up F
Fuckin it up again
Cnagin the hame
Cgangin the game so ut aint the same
Lookin iy up
Lookin you up on the interent
I'm gonna get yo number
Hey you eanna bet
Its the new cvhange on the aveene
Its fiffently ain;t the same and its got a better view
Track Name: RAW
Oh No ooks like I'm in troublec
Mkaesure to send helo pn the double
I rather live for a few fmore years
Sit on the couch and hand glenn a beer
But it looks like U broke my lef
Still dom better then Family Guys Meg
So hea I lay and die
Floadyin up to heave n in the sky
But you know U rsthe lgot to hell
And hang out with mu homie Kenin and /kell
And e a mow wht they went to hell
Cus all the drugs you kney yjey did sell
But I hear dogd vocie it sound s black
Orobaby got hundreads of angels sucki on his acl
Cus me and god could be homies to
And n my way way up next i never knew
Track Name: Hold On
Don't tell me to hold on when U;n comin in fast
If you give me any money it ain't gonna alst
I'd buy a nice hous ewith a jauqcciinon the side
Snd you kno my fidk is ypu favorite ricde
So the JMI s comes u tto the criv
Lookin oik bay I thougthhe was waerin a bib
Askin all these question like when Oiigon Bitches ummin out
And you know mu fred thy life I aint alnaout
Wanted to know ifwe makin sny punk racks
And told him homeis you shit is wack
The funnt park is he didn;t i was making 5his song
Yjr sny tsck on tjid lu ehere heaint gonn sing alomg
Track Name: I'm Sorry Remix
Remevin acki nthe old days
tHeh use as all dirsty and wset
lots of feed bacl ror the les paul
My homejoey was maibthe beats

But now I;m thinkib but the leftovers
And what it could have all become
U'm pretty sumnon of bmy brothers
Woudl have ever thought hened woudlcome

We had a bucn of differens igners
Amd a buch ofbassplayers rto
ndbetwej l lof the laugher
None of them probably jnew

That the good days would die so fast
Theryended befroethey even begao
We haonly had a uch of covers
Amd ashwoeth only had theitr sum

Sof r marnaod nand lawrenve
TO Justin and Glenn
I really enjost all te god tiems
Amd razy weekends we dd spend

But now im am the screammer
And Chloe is my eiffe
I owuld always remember I ting
whcih ois tale vper $ life
Track Name: your face smells
Hey you
Yea its you
I owuld jahve jnew
Yur face it smeels
Irs smells so bad
Oanmake me sad
Oh s isad
I wnancary
Cry for you
Becaus eour fac eit smee
Urt smells like poo
I couldnt guess
Or even see
Why it would smeel so bad
Uts wrose then pee
Not just pee
But also q
And everyother letter
Thaty assaip to 2
Bt of dear your face
Whats wromf with it
Its just so ugly
And no girl would eber sit
Jus tsit on it
Take a smell of it
Don;y be a fag jason
Stain in the put
Snce susga sande
Track Name: Seductive Egg
Fr, my baby ith the nice ass cake
She knows hot make a niceass cake
Track Name: I Want To Stroke My Pussy (cat)
I coul ride your g string
ll the way to your g spot

I rather do you with my stick
But I'm alays gonna give you a.ick
Gojn down almost evertday
Its jy vacation home its wat U wnna daty
We don't hneed the rain
Cus its laready wet
Aint aI anit gona finish
You wanna make a bet
The ooans gona be crazy
Amd the room is onna be hit
And once we begin
We ain;t ever gonna stop

7 days a week
Everybday a month
I;m gonna bbe down
And insid eoyu curn
Desidion Desisous
What position to do next
And you make dick
Ut aways gon abe the nest
Track Name: I married my cousin to get closer to her cats
A year ago toady
I married my cousm
My penis does agee
Wbut my mother she doesn't
It was all for thr piudy
And I fo ,n te cst
Bercause tjong about my cuson
That tader is fat
The sex was the best thought
Cus thr cst strdf on thr nd
nd from once look in her eyes
Iswae te car said
Sje tjanl you shaun
Fri, cumin to hthis fome Old eter is far
Fetter then a dumn
So please stay in hsihome
til the fs U deie
Snd from the wayodl heyyer is moaning
I;'kk tey my esy not t ry
Track Name: Masturbate4Me
You ned to find some love in the city
For all you lonely himes I eel you pirt
Yu gotta find someone who hop on onthte secen
Ad they'll due suomethings for yyou toy nwo what i mean
Forge tabout doi it for youeslf
Why you gotta worry when you got dombudy else
They'll go wjay you want till the end of thesy
Dbut don't tjoml its fee tou due hae to pay
But not y cashj buit with sexual faviers
Jys close toy eees and seot te dalcer
I ouwld ;t hae made this if tou werewm;t gonna beebfot
Jus sit back ans smile and get fradu fr iy