Colour Mi #s

by shaunmindofnothing

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Is the world ready for Draw Him Wales 3 ? Well its finally here ladies and gentleman the long awaited sequel to 1.6. It took a long time to make cuz 30 tracks isnt as easy as 1 wood think. Had 2 get it done earlier in the year dew to lots of other important albums comin out later his year. Butt of course Draw Him Wales 4 will be out in 2016 ;)


released April 4, 2015

shaunmindofnothing - Beats/Lyrics/Vocals on all 30 tracks :o
Chloe Nousias - Lyrics/Vocals on 2003 p00p & pEE/ Song Titles
Alyx Cañellas - Lyrics/Vocals on Milk Me Milk Man/ Vocal Samples
Luke Hutchins - Lyrics/Vocals on I Don't Eat Ass. Tragic.
Dimitri Souverain - Lyrics/Vocals on Mas7erba7ion Sensa7ion
Joseph Peterson - Lyrics/Vocals on Fairy Gary
Karan Kumar - Lyrics/Vocals on Titty Whiskers



all rights reserved


shaunmindofnothing New York, New York

once apote a tie i met a man named jeffery. he used to think he could play soccer but i qas like hahahaha you a black dominican. when i gt comhome i realixed what i said was wrong. so i tokk a showed to maked me feel ok. when i was washed off of the filet i qent to make d some speagtityy. i was a week old so it tasted mainly like samon. so the nect day whe i saw jeffery i gave him a loilly pop. ... more

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Track Name: I Dont Eat Ass. Tragic. feat. Lu-lu
Draw Him Wales
Colour Mi #s

Let me slow it down 4 uuu
Cuz eye need uuu all 2 hear it 2
Because dont yall bb givin me sass
When eye dont eat tha ass
When uuu didnt even shower
& ive ben hear 4 over an hour
Atleast lu-lu got tha sweet rhymin words
& nun of them rrr involvin turds


Okkk maybbb it aint tha best he can dew
Butt im still very proud of uuu
Because uuu aint comin home 2 eat tha butt
Butt still gonna 2 tha bitches 2 bust tha nut
Cuz nigga aint clean he straight dirty
& uuu got every1 exsited 4 ur flirty
& eye swear eye didnt bring home tha gun
Butt please feel free 2 insert a nice meme pun
Track Name: Lick My Hairy Nipples
Uuu tryin 2 lick my nipples off
There not quit boobs butt there oh so soft

Take a lick
Butt not from my dick
Well save that 4 later
Unless uuu rrr the masturbater
Eye wont sumthang more human
Unlike that show about Truman
Naa eye want my nipples licked
Unless uuu prefer that anal trip

Damn this went south real fast
Probably should have told uuu that eye got gass
We should have just went straight 2 fuckin
& tha nipples should have went un suckin
Butt then eye wood bbb an unhappy man
Ill have less likes then a tumblr can
Butt now ur gonna pack ur shit up and go
And eye never thought uuu was a hoe
Track Name: Dont Be Scared Of Fetal Abduction
Dont gotta bbb so scared
It isnt fair
There face rrr bear

Dont bbb scared of tha fedal abduction
A probe in ur ass makes anal cumbustion
Alone in tha woods means ur ass is caught
Got a nice body means ur ass is bought
Locked in a freezer ur balls fall off
Now tha doctor wont ever make uuu cough
When uuu return ur memory iz gone
Now uuu regret not listenin 2 Shaun

Eye guess uuu lost in tha solar system
Atleast they never make uuu kiss um
It sad that no 1 believes
Its like talkin 2 a pile of leaves
1 dai tha truth will bbb out
Eye can prove it without a doubt
Dont try 2 run dont try 2 hid
Now they caught uuu now they caught uuu

Fast asleep eye never make a peep
Dont wake up or its in tha butt
It iz not ur choice dont speak ur voice
Butt if it waz up 2 me eye wood hid and pee
Whats 2 regret a life well spent
All alone at night cant 4 tha morning bright

Its 9 in tha morning time 2 wake up
Did eye sleep naked or em eye a slut
What happen last night eye cant recal
Maneye feel brusied did eye take a fall
Hey look theres burnt markes all over me
Thought this was tha USA were eye could bbb free
My pants shouldnt bbb this wetter
Eye guess not remembering is 4 tha better
Track Name: Daddy Ate My Pickle Dick
Daddy ate my pickle dick harder
Peppers just taste a little bit hotter

Y dont uuu sit upon my funky dick
Y dont uuu bit upon my pickle stick
Groovin just right down 2 tha sexi beats
Sex should never involve sum 1s feet

Bring a back that crazy stupid bass
Feelin that rhyme all up in ur face
Layin uuu down on tha confy bed
Well bbb fuckin until uuu drop dead

Youll bbb cryin when tha song iz over
A number 1 hit iz like a 4 leaf clover
Makin those boobies shake 1 last time
Im out of dollars dew uuu take dimes
Track Name: 2003 p00p & pEE feat. Clo

Yee what a great year 4 tha world
Not another year were eye need 2 curled
Naa this time its different 2 it all tha same
When all tha other years showed their pain
Butt now we goin back
When technoligy did lack
It would just keep explodin
When we started unfoldin
& when tha guns went off
Like a screamin moth
We looked as 1 another
& blasted that strutter
When cummin home from skool
Were they make uuu in2 tools
2 try and rule tha universe
When we all just end up in a hurse
Track Name: Box Mulder
All alone in ur basement
Wishin 2 ccc tha stars
Livin in a small apartment
Uuu rather bbb livin on mars
Even if it gets uuu in trouble
Uuu need 2 know tha truth
From every bigfoot hair
2 every alien tooth
What iz really out there
Rrr we all alone
Iz life really that peaceful
Of dew they ccc uuu jerking off through ur phone
There are more questions
Then we have answers
What happen 2 tha smoken man
& all tha black cancer
Uuu cant just hid away
& not know tha truth 4ver
Even if they beat uuu
Uuu wood never say never

What happened 2 tha good days
Did they even excist
When uuu think ur about 2 win
They throw uuu another twist
All threw out tha 90s
We were up all night
Just up in space
Or at a ufo crash sight

Even if uuu didnt wanna dew it
We know in ur heart uuu cared
As 4 ur actin career
Uuu felt a little scared
Even if tha movies didnt dew uuu good
Californication fucked uuu alright
Butt eye enjoy a better mystery
2 keep me up all night
Thats y there bringin uuu back
Cuz uuu never went out of style
So ill have 2 watch and recap
Previously on The X-Files
Track Name: Avoid The Lizard People
Im tryin 2 avoid tha a lizard people
They tryin 2 step in mi satan stepal
Butt it okkk cuz they people 2
Except 4 when cannables make them in2 stew
They got every human trate butt they green
How the hell uuu digest food without a splen
Butt they scare me not 1 bit
& eye could fight them off with a boobie and a tit

Im tryin 2 avoid tha a lizard people

Im tryin 2 avoid tha a lizard people
They walkin around like a bunch of creeples
They bbb hidin in tha light they cum out in tha dark
They eatin all tha kids down bi tha park
Lookin likea winner butt they bbb losers
How tha hell dew uuu defend when uuu abuse her
Run and get sum sharp rocks or sum pop rocks
Cuz this is what causes tha small pocks

Im tryin 2 avoid tha a lizard people
Track Name: Mas7erba7ion Sensa7ion fea7. Jimi D
Back in high skool they used 2 call me Shaun T
Invented bi Jimi D, Chuck Dewey, or Urkel
Is like a big family matter circle
& with The Freaks we had a spin off
Which went away like a sneeze and a cough
Butt whats still around iz this masturbation serious

"Jimi D"

Eye wont fuck her at all
Butt give me a call
If uuu wanna fool around
2 tha sound
Of a fart
While playin mario kart
& dont ask me 2 suck
Tha dick of a duck
Cuz beastieality
Aint part of my personality
Dew uuu wanna play with mi dingoling
Track Name: My Gay Rabbits
Uuu dont gotta judge um
When uuu just wanna luv um
& pet there fur balls
Unless there turtles

There not judgin
There just fuckin
They got more ass then uuu
A Mcluvin
Butt im not controlin tha animal kingdom
Eye just write lyrics so uuu can sing them
Still came along way from evolvin from apps
Still no super heros with there caps
Butt whos 2 say it wont end tmm
& tha universe iz really hard 2 follow

These words they bringin me down
Eye cant feel tha sounds
When uuu cummin round
In2 my town

Just bbb a little pashent
Tha game still a loadin
Ur hand iz sumthang
Eye should have stopped holdin
Cuz eye could bbb a big boy
Not a dumpster hore
Unless tha turn ups bbb free
Track Name: Bubble Gum Bitch
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum tha bitch
Bubble Gum
Bubble up this weiner stick

Fight all of tha ninjas
Fight all of tha sumo sams
No textin no zillas
No textin no pans
Did uuu bring home tha diner
Or did uuu bring home tha lunch
Fuck outta hear with tha bubble gum
That shit aint got tha crunch

Ive ben chewin all night
& chewin all day
Tha more flavors that eye got
Tha more they think im gay
Butt eye dont ccc no societys truths
Bitch eye only cc tha lies
Thats y Obama
Iz tha only president who cant die
Track Name: Elbow Macaroni
When its 9 in tha morn
& ur home alone
Uuu turn on tha tv
Not knowin what ur gonna ccc
King of the Hill
Of Bobber the build
That Albert was fat
Oh wait, what was that
A commerical eye ccc
What could this mean
Elbow Macaroni
Just had 2 bbb eatin
So eye slipped on sum socks
& put away mi cock
2 run 2 tha store
Even if tha rain it porse
Tha deli was son crowded
So eye stood up and shouted
Where tha fucks tha mac
Its right there in tha back
So eye bought every box
& skipped tha neighb0rs talks
So eye could put on tha oven
& this food iz as good az lovin

Eye sudently awake
Felt like my neck had ben chocked
When in walked tha doctor
& on tha tv was soccer
He said ur lucky 2 bbb alive
Eye swear uuu could have died
Elbow macaroni is way 2 dangerous
Yea butt so is driving a skool bus
Track Name: Creamy Broccoli Kiss
Oh damn it feels so wrong butt eye cant live without it
Just 1 lick & it makes my whole body gotta sit
We can order in june or even in july
Every single month makes our bodies gotta die
Y wood they invent sumthang this powerful
When back in tha dai they made it oh so dull
& every1 could skate around in freedom
Eye guess they didnt know how to treat
Cuz we fast foward 2 now in a different time
When chips can bbb both lemon & or lime
We should have stopped it b4 it got 2 late
& every other soup iz hard 2 relate
Cuz now that we rrr just under attack

But damn this track went really south
So let me blow ur speakers out

Theres no way of normal life ever cummin back
So we just wait and sit till we die
Unless we can find a way 2 make it fry
Track Name: Choke Me Out Ive Been A Bad Girl
First uuu leave me naked
Butt then uuu leave stranded
All alone in tha ocean
Or on tha island we landed

Jumpin off tha fuzz box
& landin on2 my cock
Divided in this freedom
Butt uuu dont wanna beat um
Butt damn they make uuu angry
Like no definition 4 tha word shangri
So go and live ur life
While it still feels all right

All tha bad girls wanna sing along
Sing along 2 tha chock out song
What might look good in porn
Will leave ur body torn
& uuu cant just glue ur life back 2gether
& it doesnt look like its gettin betta
So keep on doin what uuu doin
Butt soon ur ass wont bbb tha only thing poopin
Track Name: Fat Henry Lives In A Box
Think a little
Then uuu run a little
Up tha stairs
Dont 4get 2 shut tha door
He iz sad
Butt he dont give a fuck
How fast uuu gonna run
When uuu fat as fuck

Hes a good friend
A straight 10 our of 10
He never did no harm
But he looks like a chicken parm
So he hids away
Like all of tha gays
Butt dont judge
Cuz he a fat pug

Uuu swimming in tha funk mi boy
& ur sisters rrr a bunch of hores
They never really want 2 play
So under tha bed they stay
Butt eye cant really judge um
When eye still love um
What a wonderful world ur livin
Even if uuu aint a kitten

Dont go bi everyday
Or they will make uuu pay
Ive seen it all b4
Bandaids rrr at every store
So unless uuu love ur eye balls
Never give them no calls
Cuz even if they aint human
& wonderful time just cant bbb proven
Track Name: Hyperthyroid Floyd
When she got that Hyperthyroid Floyd
Her body feels like shes stuck in tha void
& her mind iz so destroyed
Cuz she was previously unemployed

We didnt want this life did we
With bladder control its still hard 2 pee
Every crake in tha house it does hurt
& all food iz covered in dirt
Its tha wiener opperation
& tha lack of sanitation
That leaves ur family high
& just makes uuu wanna die

We shouldnt live this life should we
Its time 2 break out of tha cains & live 2 bbb free
Like a crack in a rock
Or an old boat on tha dock
Thinkin back 2 workin on tha mine
& everything cost $9.99
Butt uuu dont go back at all
Cuz time machines were destroyed last fall
Track Name: Milk Me Milk Man feat. MCBeuzsde
Uuu wanna milk me milk man
Lets just dew what we can
Cuz eye wanna break uuu slow
& let tha go gurt flow
Out of ur body when it breaks in half
& teach ur undead children about math
So they can bbb tha smartest of zombies
& we cummin at uuu live from toonami


We bringin in down sour
4 just a couple of hours
When we test tha timer
2 make tha Primus more primer
So we can fix all the walls
That rrr runnin down tha halls
& fill tha crakes in tha floors
With dead body hores
Track Name: Home Grown Anal Sex
Its that home grown
Home alone
Adventure in tha city
Anal sex
More like anal mess
When suckin on a titty

When uuu got that bid ol booty
And tha big ol butt
My penis starts 2 touch itself
& soon eye bust tha but
Tha tissues on tha side rrr really handy
Sex on tha beach iz really sandy
Butt eye dont wanna state what uuu already know
So finish up tha cleanin so we can get tha fo

Bring back bring back tha ass now
Gonna milk uuu like a cow
Gonna show uuu off & get that trofie
Turn uuu in2 a cat so uuu can loafy
Gonna put uuu all over tha web
Seman shootin out on2 a bread
Lucky little teens drinkin that soy sauce
When they wood rathe have their salad tossed
& smoke a joint or 2 when we finish
Cuz tha ladies only love me when im british
Track Name: Quench Absolute
Damn whats there 2 eat
Eye need a soft goowy treat
That sticks 2 ur gums
Makes uuu drunker than rum
Made in tha sixteen hundreds
And made out of sum humas
Butt leaves uuu wantin more
Like a 5 dolla hore

Lets bring them back
More seman in my ball sack
With tha taste up ur sleeves
& ur dead buttler G

Damn eye just ran out
My mind is still in doubt
How could it got bi so fast
Makes uuu wonder yyy a nigga dont last
& if tha store iz closed
Imma have 2 eat at moes
& eye really hate that place
Not even good enough 4 me 2 masturbate

Lets bring it down low
Even if tha band iz ready 2 go
Cuz eye know they aint cummin back
Unless they want that ass attack

Those stapples they suck
Nothin cost a buck
Unless uuu buyin a dear
Then tha car iz gonna bbb hard 2 stear
& youll drive off tha road
Go in2 unconcest mode
& stumble on back home
& uuu never even got stoned
Track Name: Rat on a Leash
Theres nothin more tragic then seein a rat on a leash
Its like cccin a crab without its sunny beach
It can happen bi faith or happen bi force
Sum1 look up tha definition 4 reinforced
Given added strenght or support
Then y iz cocaine tha only thing we snort
Just 2 get a little buzz
When uuu just wanna bbb hugged

Dont bbb a rat on a leash
When im just tryin 2 get away
Soon the children will bbb tha 1s who teach
Butt its really hard wheb uuu want me 2 stay

Theres no easy way to look at it
When a cage iz tha only place we get 2 sit
So its time 2 stand up
& not listen 2 all tha rules & stuff
Not 2 feel embarrested
Cuz sum1 like uuu iz 1 of tha rarest
So go off & dew it right
Cuz im breakin tha habit 2night
Track Name: Fairy Gary feat. JoeyJackets
Fairy Gary hes rrr man hes just flyin round town
Butt when hes lost or in danger & no where 2 bbb found
We look 2 Joey Peterson 2 try & find him back
& when uuu hear his crazy rhymes its just like an attack


Ur livin in a shit stained world Peterson

Dont bbb calling me no bitch ass fucker
Look at uuu mr. Broke ass sucker
But Joey P he mi # 1 Freak
Much more dirty then a niggas uncleaned ass cheek
& no holdin back when uuu start tha fight
A wink from those shades make tha world so bright
Always hidin from tha police when uuu steal a car
Take tha wheel & drive sum where far
Eye dont care where he go
A journey like this leaves uuu wantin more
So from boston 2 kansas and all around chiago
& we change our names 2 Santiago
We can look & say we did good
& now we have all tha respect in tha hood
Track Name: Handle My Candle
Handle My Candle
Its not 2 hard 2 handle
Unless uuu rrr a vandle
Then ur trapped in another scandle

When uuu handlein my candle
Uuu really gotta hold on tight
Cuz if uuu fall off then mi nigga uuu rrr tight
Cuz it takes alot of practice
& eye dont really want 2 deal with that shit
So if ur still a beginner
Then uuu my friend rrr a sinner
Cuz uuu should bbb born with it
Now get inside my mosh pit

Now eye know its hard 2 handle
Even when ur in tha mood
Uuu can still cum off rude
Cuz eye waited 4 eva
& now ur tellin me neva
& eye got my shit on my list
So uuu gotta step off uu bish
Cuz eye dont wanna hear it no more
& ur mouth could host its own tour
Track Name: Attractive Potato
Damn what am eye gonna eat 4 lunch 2dai
Theres just not enough food in tha food categories
Wheres my fuckin fridge
Eye got bacon
Eye only like turkey bacon
Eye got jello
Eye wouldnt put my dick in jello
Hoy shit iz that a potato
A vegtable potato
Want me to cook uuu
Ill fuckin cook uuu

Let me pell back ur skin
& throw uuu in a microwave tin
Uuu look a little brued under ur chin
In tha oven ur takin a spin

Eye made uuu with mi fuckin seed
Eye put uuu in tha fuckin dirt

Where dew eye begin
& where dew uuu end
Where have uuu ben
Ur my only friend

Damn that was amazing
Eye wood have that 4 brunch & liner
& make a potato cake 4 desert
Track Name: Bruce Genitals
Man gender change iz really difficult
Butt in this dai & age it really typical
Its like goin on off 2 war
Or buyin plan b at a store
It aint easy 4 me or uuu
Uuu cant just dew it with tape or glue
Uuu gotta think about it long & hard
Cuz an opperation like that could leave uuu scared

Now im tellin uuu not 2 dew it
Cuz if uuu really want 2 dew it then thats tha spirit
At first it gonna bbb hard 2 look down below
Uuu can go from a Jennifer 2 a Joe
Uuu might have tha boobs or uuu might have tha ass
Butt it really dont matter cuz life dont last
& uuu can still go home 2 momma
& tell her all about ue new general problems
Track Name: Bodzio Sucks
Those sum1 need a walk
Well uuu can dew it bi urself
Eye aint no helper servent
Dew eye look like a little elf
Eye am way 2 tired
2 hear ur barkin
Its much more annoying
Then my car findin parking
Y wood anybody
Enjoy these creatures
They really dont have
Any important features

Dont tell me how important
Ur dog iz
Hes angry 2 tha others
And in tha house he does wiz

Eye cant wait 2 not come home
2 this shit
Cuz if it goes on any longer
My brain will start 2 quit
& im startin
2 get mad
Butt is this
Lookin bad
Cuz eye got nothing
Nice 2 say
& eye really wish
That uuu where just a stray
Track Name: Rory Gilmore You Filthy Slut You Cheating Ass Bitch Ass Bitch
Lets ccc tha flow
When uuu try 2 mow
Over little children when they leavin skool
We can drive them straight 2 tha pool
& just blame it on tha dogs
When their bodies turn in2 logs
& they fight 4 air
But eye dont care
Gotta grow up fast
If uuu wanna last
In life
Thats bright
Shut off the light
4 1 last night
As we hit tha stage
& rage
& tell tha world what we did
& where tha body was hid
So they can throw me in jail
Not on my diet of just kale
Track Name: Titty Whiskers feat. Kumar

Cum pet my titty whiskers
Go kill ur shitty sisters
So we can party & piss on her
Cuz tha titty whiskers make them purr

Cum play with me
Cum play with me
Cum set me free
Or just cum with me
So we can party Oh!
& we can shake it Oh!
All night long Oh!
2 this song Oh!

Now drop um ;)
Track Name: McNuggets of Wisdom McNuggets of Love
That bass it grooves
It puts uuu in tha mood
That orchestra
Is played bi ducks
They walk alone, alone down tha road
They all metal kids, who rrr listenin 2 SOAD
& eye really respect them when they eat that fast food
Unlike those fat kids parents who think its rude

That bass puts uuu in tha mood
& our bodies start 2 groove
Butt eye think its really rude
When uuu rather have tha fast food

We got more time 4 that
Little Timmy dont need 2 bbb fat
Uuu want him 2 bbb a big boy
& a hairy hore
& uuu dont bbb tha good guy
When tha television lies
So we bring it back in tha fall
Unless the trees return my calls
Track Name: 11 Ponies Ride Into The Sunset
Lets cheer 4 tha memories
& give a hug 2 tha enemys
& fuck all tha open 1s
& legalize all of tha guns

& then ur burnin down tha house
Killing every1 of ur spouse
& basically hidin life away
Butt there nothin wrong with bein gay

We just cant stop fuckin
When we should bbb up chuckin
& lyin dead in tha gutter
& this time its real butter

We should all sing together
Cuz we might just sound better
Shit it could sound worse
Like gettin rapped bi a male nurse