Draw Him Wales

by shaunmindofnothing

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It was a cold night back in the summer of 2013 as shaun sat in the back of subs mansion. While looking at a simple dust pan that was minding its own business and after just listening to the always talented solo work of a Mr. Jonathan Mess an idea quickly came to mind. Running as fast as his little legs could Shaun made it home in record time to work on what would become on of the most important rap albums maybe of all time. In only 5 and a 1/2 hours a master piece was born and the rest was history.


released July 23, 2013

shaunmindofnothing - beats, guitars, pianos, lyrics, vocals, laughing, masturbation
Dance Gavin Dance - all of track 5
Martin Luther King Jr. - death on track 4



all rights reserved


shaunmindofnothing New York, New York

once apote a tie i met a man named jeffery. he used to think he could play soccer but i qas like hahahaha you a black dominican. when i gt comhome i realixed what i said was wrong. so i tokk a showed to maked me feel ok. when i was washed off of the filet i qent to make d some speagtityy. i was a week old so it tasted mainly like samon. so the nect day whe i saw jeffery i gave him a loilly pop. ... more

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Track Name: Break Evening
Burger king in the corning wear
Im in my underwear
Track Name: Later on Sandwitch
its such a busy day in the city with the lights and the brights and the crazy bar drunk fights theres to many people in the streets and now adays u can't even take a peek and thats a shame but whos to blame probably all those little kids who are lame
Track Name: Half Past A shut the fuck up
Girl you can len on my sholder
But just dont cry
Everybody goes to heaven
Everybodys gotta die
You might go before me
Dont worry i'll be next
Promis me you'll be strong
Let me see u flex your pecks
People pass way
Nobody lives forever
If you say you want to
I will say what ever
Who really wants to leave
Till there old and grey
Cus if you live forever
You will want to pray
You will pray to god
To take you away
Crying on the floor scraming
Let me see my family today
This song wasn't made
To make you all cry
It was mad for you to see
That it is ok to die
You may not be that prefect
You may not be the best
But if you ask the ones that loved you
The'll say your better then the rest
Rest in peace to anyone
That had ever lost a friend
Someone who has lost a family member
Im just a person with a hand to lend
Track Name: My Song 3
screamin out holy shinkey
im chris farley
higher then bob marley
but your boy friend just a roller blader
a quiet masturbate
he has only a 100 friends on facebook
low life
so dead
come on girl jump into bed
and love me for the rest of the night
u promes me u would stay alright
but u got plans with your mother
your family
movein so fast u like stan lee
makin history by staying tonight
if u promes to be mine
i will take u out to a fine din
if u stay no u better of dead bitch
Track Name: Masturbation Meat #3
part 3!
betta be
Track Name: The bae
Why did I try or did I mean what I said
All I really want is love but I do want you dead
Cus it was a trip and I will see you next fall
So all I do is cry because you never call
It was all fake but I thought it was real
You should be a robber cus my heart you did steal
And now its broke cus of the things that you do
But inside my mind I knew it was true
That it was an act that you like to play
And you knew it was good because it works everday
And are you happy because you killed another dream
You can look into my eyes but you can't hear my screams
Track Name: Candle Flower
itttssss ntotttt righthttt what you DID DID DID
Track Name: I have run out of ideas
Fact or fiction
Its an addiction
All my fucking pain
Is a perdiction
I can solve it
Or do i want to
Do i leave you
Or do i love you
Its not a question
Your just the answer
Fall back in time
Slow moving dancer
Do i keep going
Is this the right way
No more bitching
These are my problems to today

Why does it hurt to make you smile
Why does it end after a while
Cant it just please last forever
Why do i always hear the words never
Its why i hate
All the things you do
I hope you know
Whats real and isnt true
Its why i hate
When you say good bye
I hope you know
Every human has to die

Leave here naked
Make me bacon
Cold in the rain
Leaves us shackin
Why does it matter
Does anyone ever care
Still this equailly
Something that is far
Does everyone have to judge
Something that isn't real
You say your a nice bitch
But i know you fucking steal
Crawl back to the start
Its almost over
Maybe theres some good luck
Your just a three leaf clover

Stop and think
Dont stop now
All those actions
Take a bow
Think and stop
You cant do it now
Its the last day
Take a baw
Its why i hate
All the things you do
I hope you know
Whats real and isnt true
Its why i hate
When you say good bye
I hope you know
Every human has to die
Track Name: zzz Time Almost
Rape im bound
No one to be found
That bitch on the ground
Nigga looks like a hound
In their pants theres a mound
Send them to the pound
Jazz music in sound
Your not circle your wound