Gross Discrimination Against White Boys And Their Cats

by shaunmindofnothing

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Long before the idea of 1.6 became a reality eye made a promise 2 a young lady who wood eventually beecum mi gurl friend that eye wood make a rap album just about the topic of cats. Over time eye still wanted 2 make it and she already gave me 2 song titles which wood become future hits butt eye never got around 2 it. BUTT eventually eye wood bbb making tha long awaited sequel 2 Draw Him Wales which wood become 1.6 and tha 2 song ideas which she gave me wood just bbb on this album instead making tha album much longer than it needs 2 bbb. So b4 1.6 dopes enjoy these singles that will bbb on tha album. Also downloads include both that Acapella and Instrumental versions of both songs az well az sum demos what turned into other songs or just didnt make it onto that album because it waz already too longggggggg.


released June 17, 2014

shaunmindofnothing - All the boytiful muzic with tha lyrics and tha cryin and tha rape and stuff like that uuu feel me im fieldy
Chloe Nousias - Song titles so tha main idea also she liked tha picture art work so eye picked it



all rights reserved


shaunmindofnothing New York, New York

once apote a tie i met a man named jeffery. he used to think he could play soccer but i qas like hahahaha you a black dominican. when i gt comhome i realixed what i said was wrong. so i tokk a showed to maked me feel ok. when i was washed off of the filet i qent to make d some speagtityy. i was a week old so it tasted mainly like samon. so the nect day whe i saw jeffery i gave him a loilly pop. ... more

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Track Name: I Want To Stroke My Pussy (cat) Background Vocal Stem
Heres the background vocal stems for this song cus eye felt like in the final track uuu cant here it 2 good so yyy not let tha ppls here it 4 once jew know also so its not just my voice tha original synth track iz also in it that didnt make it 2 tha final cut of tha song
Track Name: Nuudles
Originally just called noodles butt than changed 2 nuudles butt than finally bagged nuudles here iz the original guitar demo eye recorded on mi phone which waz than put az tha final guitar 4 tha bagged nuudles track
Track Name: thisaintatrackgoodbye
this iz the first part of a three part series call the "this" series. this is the only "this" song that made it onto tha album and which waz also the first song eye made on 1.6
Track Name: thisisnotadrill
this iz the third part of a three part series call the "this" series. In tha end there were 2 many songs on 1.6 so eye had 2 keep this 1 out and im okkk with that cuz that beats gives me a head acth 2 bbb honest.